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The Coke sign at the top of William Street, Autumn 2012

Natasha Galea - Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I see the Coke sign at the top of William Street every day, and it's always worthy of comment. It's iconic in its own right, but the seasonal message is always engaging, amazingly on-brand (Coke are the masters at this, remember they are selling just water and sugar), and also always subliminally rich.

At the moment the billboard next to the Coke sign features a young female around mid 20s, in a close crop (notice – no eyes, not much torso) biting her lip in sexy anticipation, while holding a full Coke. 

She is quite inscrutable with her eyes absent. We will never really know what she is thinking. No makeup to be discerned, no varnish on her perfectly manicured nails. Dark hair – not a blonde, interestingly. Very natural-looking, almost the girl-next-door.

Our girl is wearing a Coke-coloured knitted shawl (perhaps picking up on the fact that knitting is really "in" at the moment) – AND nothing else. So a significant concession to the temperature dropping (the last girl here had a bikini on, and a boy chasing her), but she's still showing lots of post-summer glowing, smooth skin. 

The copy supports the atmosphere: she can't wait for that first sip. Visually it's a mixed message, inevitable when the product in question is strongly associated with quenching your thirst during a hot summer. But the message does drive home the idea that anticipation and desire transcends seasons.

Nice work, I'm feeling thirsty.

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