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Lee Hancock: Consulting Arborist

Stuart Neely - Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I've  just completed a new Visual ID for Lee Hancock. Lee is a consulting arborist who wanted her identity to reflect the consulting aspect of her business as much as the actual job of being an arborist. Inspiration was drawn from the growth rings of a tree and to some extent, the way architects depict trees on site plans. The segment on the right between 2 and 3 o'clock is a stylised pencil representing reports and consulting. Lee was extremely happy with the result saying it was exactly what she was looking for.



The Coke sign at the top of William Street, Autumn 2012

Natasha Galea - Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I see the Coke sign at the top of William Street every day, and it's always worthy of comment. It's iconic in its own right, but the seasonal message is always engaging, amazingly on-brand (Coke are the masters at this, remember they are selling just water and sugar), and also always subliminally rich.

At the moment the billboard next to the Coke sign features a young female around mid 20s, in a close crop (notice – no eyes, not much torso) biting her lip in sexy anticipation, while holding a full Coke. 

She is quite inscrutable with her eyes absent. We will never really know what she is thinking. No makeup to be discerned, no varnish on her perfectly manicured nails. Dark hair – not a blonde, interestingly. Very natural-looking, almost the girl-next-door.

Our girl is wearing a Coke-coloured knitted shawl (perhaps picking up on the fact that knitting is really "in" at the moment) – AND nothing else. So a significant concession to the temperature dropping (the last girl here had a bikini on, and a boy chasing her), but she's still showing lots of post-summer glowing, smooth skin. 

The copy supports the atmosphere: she can't wait for that first sip. Visually it's a mixed message, inevitable when the product in question is strongly associated with quenching your thirst during a hot summer. But the message does drive home the idea that anticipation and desire transcends seasons.

Nice work, I'm feeling thirsty.

Newtown Neighbourhood Centre annual report

Natasha Galea - Friday, September 30, 2011

Imminent is proud to announce the launch of the Newtown Neighbourhood Annual Report 2010-2011.

NNC is an Incorporated Association providing community services in the inner west of Sydney. Providing services to the aged, people with disabilities, people with mental illness, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and people on low incomes.

They also provide information and advice on community and public services, emergency accommodation, aged services, council services, children's services, and a variety of other support services.

Imminent designed the Centre's annual report this year,

The good, the bad and the ugly

Natasha Galea - Friday, December 03, 2010
I collect paper ephemera, always have, always will. Today I'm going to talk about three items that have been kicking around the studio, (for months or years) that are remarkable form a design viewpoint...

   THE GOOD: "Room 10" business card.
Gorgeous! Printed on drink coaster card stock, letterpress printing, metallic ink, magnificent typographic layout, simple. Eclectic like their location, (previously VERY rough laneway full of sex-shops, pawn shops prostitutes and drug-dealers in the middle of Sydney's Kings Cross, now gentrified and uber-cool).
Now, from aesthetics to function: how minimal can you get - no street number, no phone, no email! Describes the way they do business perfectly. What do they do? Simple. They make good coffee.
  THE BAD: mushroom bag.
Oh god, how old is this layout? It looks ancient, but it may only be a recent design. I found this in our local fruit and veg shop. Would this compel you to buy mushrooms? Why is this still out in the marketplace? He's meant to be a butcher offering you mushrooms, but he's so scary I can't get past his bad hair. His name is Andy by the way. Let's re-design this travesty!

  THE UGLY: refresher towelette from Briemarpak of Koo-Wee-Rup, Victoria.
Ok this is amazing, this is actually a product out in the marketplace right now. Obscure, yes, but when it came across the bench in some cafe somewhere, I couldn't help but get excited. This is a classic demonstration of the "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" philosophy. In the time this this product was developed, the style cycle has come full circle. You could be caught out, mistakenly assuming that some young hipster has designed this packaging ironically referencing the eighties. Look at that hairdo! Look at that typeface (Cooper Black)! Nope, it is simply artwork from the eighties. Cool. Ugly, but lovely all at the same time. 

Case study: National Pro Bono Resource Centre

Natasha Galea - Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Imminent Media Design has been producing nearly all printed publications and marketing collateral for the National Pro Bono Resource Centre (NPBRC) from the inception of the Centre in August 2002, to today. Material designed includes annual reports, brochures, books, stationery and a web site, .

The visual identity (logo, typeface and colours) was established before Imminent’s involvement in the Centre, however this has not impeded our creativity and our ability to develop a wide range of communications collateral that has diveristy within the tight framework of their strong visual identity. All of the projects we do for NPBRC have tight budgets and timelines.

The Centre's website is at