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Stuart Neely - Friday, December 17, 2010
One of the most in demand roles in the creative market place these days is the digital art director, or really, your normal art director with a shed full of digital know-how. It's just not enough these days for art directors to wear black and pout a lot. They need to have a knowledge of usability & functionality best practice for websites. Available options on how to get an idea into the digital marketplace, overall knowledge of several scripting languages and their abilities and limitations for an execution. As well as all this, we would expect all the normal arty farty stuff like colour theory, great design skills, brand know-how etc, etc. It's a long list.

Basically, they are required to span the realms of  development and design. In fact, they are affectionately known in the industry as Devigners. And let me tell you they are rare to find, difficult to maintain and even harder to keep. Because of their high skill level, they command a premium price and quite often, don't accept permanent roles preferring freelance and contract work. This makes hard going for a companies that aren't digital experts but still require high level skill in this area. Or conversely a very tech savvy company that requires some visual excitement in their offering.  All in all, this is a very good reason to develop a relationship with a good digital agency, then it's their problem.

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