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iPad therfore I am

Stuart Neely - Thursday, December 02, 2010
Last week I had a cruel and harsh realisation of how dependent I have become on mobile communication. We spent the week-end on the far South Coast, a beautiful part of the world where towers are few and mobile reception is as rare as an endangered species. Sunday afternoon was spent fishing on the banks of Meroo Lake.

Really lovely here, I think I'll take a picture, nice. I'll just pop that up on facebook... what the... Oh yeah, no reception. Oh well later. Whoa good bite! hooked up, gotcha! careful bring him up. Oh! nice bream on 1kg line, camera out click. Upload... upload... hmmmm. Oh yeah. Not to worry I'll just call the wife... dum-de-dum...Oh for the love of...

You get the picture.

The mobile has become so much a part of our life that is now second nature to reach around to my left back pocket for my trusty piece, whip it out like some sort of gunslinger and start pushing data around. The fact there is no reception doesn't stop the impulse. When I go out anywhere tapping my pocket to see I have my phone is part of the checklist somewhere between have I got my wallet and is my fly done up.

Add the iPad to that list when I go for coffee. If you had asked me last year would I pay for journalistic content I would have laughed at you. I now have a subscription to SMH, The Australian and a couple of others. It's cheaper than the paper and lets face it , who wants to cobble together a working version of a second hand SMH while your having your morning coffee.  

So, my advice for anyone doubting the emergence of the mobile device as the new internet.

Go fishing.

See ya
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