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A brilliant brand experience

Natasha Galea - Tuesday, February 01, 2011
As I have mentioned in a previous blog, your brand is what other people think of you.

So today I'm going to talk about a brand that has risen in my estimation significantly, due to they way they responded promptly and enthusiastically to some fairly negative feedback...

We own a pram, and not a cheap one. A Mountain Buggy Swift to be exact. When you have a young child, your pram is your lifeblood, your vehicle of choice; it enables you to get on with the stuff of life while your young one is safe, amused, protected from the elements, mobile and content. You bubba will sleep in your pram, eat in it, watch the world go past in it and maybe even throw a few tantrums in it. So it HAS to perform, there is simply no other option.

I probably over estimated the performance limits of our Swift. Perfect for city dwellers, it is exactly the right width to fit through our lift door, the most important constraint we had to deal with. In another life, I will purchase the bigger model, the Terrain. No matter. Suffice to say the wheel bearings were shot a few months into the pram's life, and the back tyres were worn bald. Strident emails sent to Mountain Buggy via their web site in mid-January (let's face it, in the middle of the holiday season) were responded to within 24 hours, also with a follow-up phone call. Wow.

Despite us having the pram fixed under our own steam, Mountain Buggy offered to send replacement parts, and a gift voucher, to boot. Now that's what I call impressive. Yes, they have a limited 12 month warranty, but I guess there is a fair amount of flexibility in how staff are allowed to respond to each warranty claim, and this means you really do get looked after. We dealt with two separate staff members over two countries. Both, professional, courteous and consistently seeking to find a solution for us.

I am sure Mountain Buggy are exceptionally aware of how the blogosphere connects communities and that parents swap huge amounts of information regarding all aspects of their world, including pram reviews, on a daily basis. Negative feedback on a blog about one of their prams would be potentially very damaging to their brand, especially as they have recently made the transition to manufacturing in China, from New Zealand.

So the Mountain Buggy logo is not amazing, and their site is so-so ... but their brand, in my mind, is a winner. And I am now a passionate brand advocate.

Something to think about, isn't it...
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